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Clinical Analytics

At a time when payers and providers are converging, new delivery and reimbursement models are being deployed, and more consumers are entering the health care system – the value of robust clinical analytics cannot be underestimated.

Leveraging MEDai Science™ technology – our best-in-class predictive analytics, unique severity-adjustment methodology, robust data sources and clinical expertise, LexisNexis offers a world-class suite of clinical analytic solutions that address population health outcomes and physician performance measurement.

At the core of our population health management solution is the integration of unique data sources, such as socioeconomic data with traditional medical and pharmacy claims, to identify and predict health risks and outcomes with unprecedented precision. Our models are customized to provide each customer with insight that is relevant and timely – all delivered through a dynamic user-friendly front end that allows customers to display results based on their goals and objectives.

Similarly, our provider performance measurement solution leverages industry standard and proprietary severity-adjustment methodologies to analyze and compare physician performance, efficiency, and effectiveness against national, regional, and customer specific benchmarks.

Our suite of solutions aims to improve population health, contain costs, and improve the patient experience.

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