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Collaboration among payers and providers is critical in this time of health care reform and transformation. The key to improving health outcomes, finding more effective and efficient ways to deliver care, reduce risk and engage patients in their care lies in the aggregation, analysis, sharing and use of the vast data sources available. To address these challenges, LexisNexis® has created a powerful analytic suite of population health and provider performance management solutions to help health care entities better manage data and populations while improving collaboration.

Leveraging our best-in-class predictive analytics, modeling methodology and clinical expertise, LexisNexis has developed a world-class suite of solutions that can be used by physicians, case/care managers and administrative managers to deliver the best patient-focused and collaborative care.

Our population health management solution goes beyond predicting and managing risks for cost savings. This new clinically integrated solution enables physicians and payers to use common language centered on patient needs, enabling them to together drive the delivery of high-quality, cost-efficient care through meaningful analysis and effective use of vast quantities of data.

Our physician performance management solution provides analysis and support for pay-for-performance and value-based reimbursement. Incorporating severity-adjusted provider analytics, LexisNexis delivers the information needed to gain complete understanding of physician performance for both quality and resource utilization in one centralized place.

  1. Emerging Health Care Trends and the Effects on Payers
    Remaining competitive in the new care delivery landscape with analytics and predictive modeling
  2. Harnessing the Power of Predictive Analytics for Population Health
    Predictive models as essential tools for effective case management, reduced costs and improved outcomes
  3. Creating a Healthier Medicaid Population Through Collaboration
    Aggregated data and analytic insight as key factors in improved outcomes and patient wellness
  4. Accountable Care at the Frontlines: Physician Performance Analytics Bring Business and Clinical Intelligence to Demands for Quality
    Physician profiling capabilities drive change and success in an era of reform
  5. Five Factors for Payers to Consider as U.S. Health Care Delivery Evolves
    The role of technology in meeting the challenges of new care constructs
  6. Toward a Single Source of Patient Truth: Predictive Analytics for Accountable Care
    Integrating and leveraging data to create a single patient truth for clinical, business and financial success

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