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Data Management and Services

Patient, provider and claims data fuel the health care system. Aggregating this data from disparate sources, cleansing and linking it and analyzing it for business critical insights is a challenge for most healthcare organization.

LexisNexis leverages is position as the industry’s leader in consumer identity, claims, and provider data to help healthcare entities improve data quality, expand their view into referral patterns, identify areas of risk and opportunity, and most importantly make better business decisions.

Our best-in class member and provider data management services drive patient engagement, reduce fraud, enhance provider and member data-driven workflows, drive insight around HCP-HCO affiliations, drive down administrative costs tied to return mail and unsuccessful outreach efforts, and most importantly ensure healthcare organizations are basing decisions on the most up to date information available on the members and providers engaging across their system.

Our health care data and management services are founded on:

  • Over 6 petabytes of data
  • 65 billion public records from 10,000+ sources
  • 10.2 billion unique name and address records
  • 319 million member lives
  • 1.6 billion medical claims
  • 8/5 million health care professionals
  • 2.7 million HCP-HCO affiliations

  1. A Business Case for Fixing Provider Data Issues
    Save money, reduce waste and improve member services.
    Proactive provider data management
  2. Analysis of Health Insurer Manual Collection of Provider Data
    It costs more to have poor provider data than to fix it.
    A case for an automated process of continuous data validation and update
  3. Data Quality: The greatest Challenge and opportunity for health care
  4. Engaging the Member in Ways That Matter:
    Time Again for Payers to Lead
  5. Health Insurance Exchanges and Provider Directory Data Challenges
    Empowering exchange members to make smarter health care decisions.
    Advanced tools for a powerful, customer-friendly HIX portal
  6. Healthy Doses of Data and Analytics Reveal a Clearer View
  7. High-quality provider data fuels provider communications
  8. How to Select an Information Solution Provider
    Partnering to reduce costs, improve margins and enhance member and provider relationships.
    Key factors in choosing an information solutions vendor
  9. The ABCs of IDNs
  10. The Provider Data Paradigm
  11. Why Data Stewardship Is a Winning Business Investment

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