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Unlock the power of data and empower transformation through insight building with LexisNexis® Data and Analytics. As an industry leader in a number of areas relevant to fraud prevention including identity management, data linking, predictive analytics, full spectrum SIU investigative tools, public data and social networking analytics, LexisNexis brings data driven solutions to various health care workflows.

Our data and analytics can be applied to wellness and disease management outreach to improve contact ratios and ensure health care organizations have the most current contact information on its population. The benefits include reduced costs associated with return mail and failed member outreach. Our solutions leverage vast amounts of public data and identity analytics to target receptive individuals and help organizations increase contact and conversion ratios.

LexisNexis assists you in updating contact information for members in target populations using our batch data cleansing capabilities; improves outreach success by enriching data with additional contact information, including cell phone numbers and email addresses; automates time-consuming and labor-intensive administrative processes, such as handling returned mail; and uses demographic and behavioral information to focus disease management outreach on members who are likely to respond positively to outreach efforts.

Conducting a real-time search of more than 33 billion public records straight from your desktop before a claim is even processed can increase auto-adjudication ratios and greatly reduce the amount of money paid for fraudulent claims. Access to this same extensive database can also dramatically reduce the amount of time required to investigate suspicious claims after they've been paid as well as administrative costs associated with manual claim reviews and reprocessing of denied claims. Benefits include reduction of claim denials due to inaccurate information, detect fraud and improved debt recovery

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