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Identity Management

LexisNexis® comprehensive Identity Management solutions leverage advanced analytics to help payers and providers authenticate users, verify and maintain participant information, and secure appropriate access to health information and services.

We help commercial health insurers, government health care agencies, health information exchanges, as well as hospitals and health systems maintain trust with members, beneficiaries, and practitioners by ensuring only authorized users gain access to personal health information, health insurance programs, and provider services. By reducing medical identity theft and protecting access to sensitive information, our Identity Management solutions help safeguard reputations and reduce inappropriate utilization of services.

For more information on our Commercial Payer Comprehensive Identity Management solutions, click here.

For information on our Identity Management Solutions for Government Health Care Agencies, click here.

Our solutions help secure appropriate access to records across health information and health insurance exchanges through robust identity verification, authentication and evaluation. For more information on our solutions for the health information exchange, click here.

Endorsed by the American Hospital Association, LexisNexis® Identity Management solutions help hospitals and health systems prevent medical identity theft by verifying patient identities in real-time during scheduling, pre-registration, or prior to accessing online services. Powerful identity verification and authentication tools deliver instant results to help detect potential fraud and address compliance obligations.

LexisNexis® tools help institutional providers understand more about patient financial situations and improve their financial counseling and collections processes. Powerful scoring tools help classify financial risk for patient accounts and determine eligible for charity care, improving self-pay collections, maintaining non-profit tax benefits, and reducing bad debt.

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