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LexisNexis® Life Sciences solutions offers a suite of provider data assets, best-in-breed data management, compliance and market intelligent solutions and services to the Life Sciences market. Our approach helps organizations maintain a competitive edge, mitigate risk, and improve operational performance.

For pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device entities, the ability to base decisions on the most complete, current and comprehensive provider data is paramount. Provider information, affiliations and patterns found in medical claims help inform critical work streams across your enterprise including sales, marketing, compliance, segmentation and market intelligence. Our life sciences solutions also give your business the ability to identify and reach the right providers, at the right time, and with the right message, which is key to maintaining a competitive edge. In addition, our compliance suite enables Life Sciences organizations to comply with aggregate spend regulations to avoid costly penalties and brand erosion.

LexisNexis Life Sciences solutions for Life Sciences enables, informs, and delivers:

  • Provider data validation, enhancement and remediation
  • Master data management
  • Physician targeting
  • HCP to HCO relationships
  • Influence & referral networks
  • Real-time alerts on newly diagnosed patients
  • Market share trending
  • Compliance, transparency & disclosure

Bridger Insight® XG for Health Care
Conduct due diligence, comply with global regulations and reduce fraud risks
Expense Manager™
Manage aggregate spend compliance and reporting
Understand physician claim patterns and affiliations
Provider Data Enhancements
Standardize, cleanse and augment provider information
Provider Data Intelligence Suite
Optimize health care data insights
Provider Data MasterFile™
Empowering health care organizations with complete, current, and comprehensive provider data
Provider Data Validation
Real-time access to accurate, complete, and comprehensive provider information