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Pharmacy data management processes to perform prescriber verification and prescription monitoring are critical for retail pharmacy and Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM) to avoid risk, stay compliant and drive positive health care outcomes. From prescriptive authority, to the growing restrictions on prescribing controlled substances through prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMP), pharmacy rules and regulations are becoming more complex at the federal and state level. With so much potential for change and increased scrutiny from regulators, third parties, and the media, pharmacy data management has become a costly operational challenge to maintain a compliant, reliable and efficient pharmacy workflow.

LexisNexis validates nearly 1 billion pharmacy transactions every year through VerifyRX™, designed specifically for retail pharmacy and PBMs.  As the leader in pharmacy data management, technology and analytics, we can help transform a frustrating business challenge into a substantial competitive advantage. Our pharmacy data management solutions allow retail pharmacies and PBMs to perform real-time prescriber verification, helping reduce regulatory risk and increase the percentage of paid prescription claims. With real time edits to data, our information is current, helping your business stay compliant and gain a competitive edge.  In addition, the powerful addition of vast public data assets allow us to offer pharmacy data management solutions to improve patient and member engagement, reduce exposure to identity fraud, enable compliance and drive cost savings.

Intelligent Investigator™
Pinpoint fraud with confidence
Enrich your member data
Provider Data Enhancements
Standardize, cleanse and augment provider information
Provider Data MasterFile™
Empowering health care organizations with complete, current, and comprehensive provider data
Relationship Mapping
Identify hidden relationships that may indicate fraud
Socioeconomic Health Attributes
Augment clinical analytics with hundreds of uniquely packaged and tested public records
Real-time prescriber verification