Home Insurance Solutions

Home Insurance Solutions

By understanding three key variables—Person, Home and Location—LexisNexis® helps home insurance carriers better assess and account for location-associated risks, estimate replacement costs for the home and provide key insights about the insured so that they can optimize their book of business. LexisNexis enables you to:

  • Gain a more holistic understanding of the property history and assure complete value coverage.
  • Understand the frequency and severity of CAT and non-CAT events in a given neighborhood to attract and write appropriate risk in any given region.
  • Dramatically reduce the time to quote and make it easier for consumers and agents to do business through all distribution channels.

Home Inspection Index
LexisNexis® Home Inspection Index is a non-FCRA solution that identifies and prioritizes properties most likely to have an actionable inspection discovery, enabling targeted inspection expenses. Use this index to reduce inspection expenses, enhance profitability and improve consumer experience. Filter out properties which may not require inspection, gain risk selection and remediation insights at the point of sale as well as across an existing book of business, and efficiently service consumers to expedite the underwriting process while improving policyholder satisfaction and retention.


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