LexID Diagram


A fast linking technology platform that delivers intelligent information connections about an individual, business or asset.

LexID® is the ingredient behind our products that turns disparate information into meaningful insights. This technology enables customers using our products to identify, link and organize information quickly with a high degree of accuracy.

Get a More Complete Picture.
Make intelligent information connections beyond the obvious by drawing insights from both traditional and new sources of data.

Better Results, Faster.
Use a fast linking technology for processing large amounts of data to help you make decisions more quickly and confidently.

Protect private information.
Keep personally identifiable information (PII) secure and enjoy peace of mind knowing you are taking steps to observe the highest levels of privacy and compliance.

Making better business connections
LexID Business links a variety of business data points to create a clear profile of a business entity

LexID Business helps customers better understand business entities by linking vital information in three areas:

  • Legal – Identifying information from legal data to include name, address, FEIN and associated legal entities and organizational structures
  • Geo-Spatial – Location and proximity information to help discover business and organization relationships and connections
  • Ownership Status – Information to help identify ownership connections and intersections across multiple entities

Improving Front-End Customer Verification
An advanced linking algorithm helps identify and prevent fraud.

A national telecommunications provider wanted to enhance its front-end customer verification process. By appending LexID, a unique identifier free of any sensitive personally identifying information, along with other models and data to a month's worth of transactions, LexisNexis was able to identify individuals who had applied for new accounts up to 55 times in a single month. The power of LexID technology provided a new means to help detect fraud at the point of sale.