MIDEX® Complete Report - One Time Access

LexisNexis® Mortgage Industry Data Exchange (MIDEX®)


LexisNexis® Mortgage Asset Research Institute allows you to obtain access to Mortgage Asset Research Institute's MIDEX database reports on you or your company.

Typically companies or individuals request a copy of a MIDEX report because a Mortgage Asset Research Institute subscriber to MIDEX (a mortgage lender, investor or insurance company) instructed you to contact Mortgage Asset Research Institute in order to receive a copy of a MIDEX report.

Please complete the following three steps in order to obtain a copy of a MIDEX report on you or your company.

ATTENTION!!! You WILL NOT receive any reports from Mortgage Asset Research Institute until you send in the documents as requested in the Procedures.

Step 1
Download 2 forms:

  • Procedures to Request Information from Mortgage Asset Research Institute
  • Confidentiality Agreement (to be returned to Mortgage Asset Research Institute)

Download Now

You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to view procedures, agreement and sample reports. If you are unable to download these documents, e-mail Mortgage Asset Research Institute at the address below.

Step 2
Click Here to upload your documentation by completing  the Online Form with the requested information on you or your company.

Questions and Comments: E-mail them to infoservices@marisolutions.com

Except for credit reports resold by Mortgage Asset Research Institute, reports provided by Mortgage Asset Research Institute are not consumer reports and therefore may not be used to determine eligibility for credit, employment, insurance underwriting, tenant screening or for any other purpose that is governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act ("FCRA"), 15 USC 1681 et seq.