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Nassau County (NY) Police Department Leverages LexisNexis® Solution to Improve Citizen Services 8/20/2012

Implements Electronic Crash Reporting System to Increase Efficiencies and Re-allocate Resources

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions today announced that the Nassau County (NY) Police Department has implemented an electronic crash reporting system that will drive internal efficiencies and improve services provided to the citizens of Nassau County. The new system enables the Nassau County PD to fully automate its accident reporting process, allowing its citizens to review and print reports electronically over the Internet.

The ability to provide automated accident reports saves the Nassau County PD time and money, enabling them to re-allocate resources to provide additional public safety services, such as traffic enforcement/patrol. Involved parties are provided with an exchange of information card directing them how to obtain a copy of their accident report online.

“Like many police departments, Nassau County is facing budget cuts and must establish programs that help us better serve our citizens,” said Inspector Ed Horrace, Nassau County PD. “With more than 2,550 police officers serving a population over 1.3 million, Nassau County PD has one of the largest support areas in the country. This system decreases the amount of time and resources required internally to manage the accident report process, which helps us increase our ‘feet on the street’ to further public safety.”

The LexisNexis eCrash solution includes an analytic component allowing officers to easily identify accident prone locations, providing Nassau County with improved capabilities to implement effective strategies to reduce traffic related accidents, injuries and fatalities. The LexisNexis eCrash solution also provides the Nassau County PD additional benefits:

  • Simplify accident report data entry, storage, access and distribution
  • Reduce manual handling, save time, reduce costs associated with copying accident reports and improve administrative efficiency
  • Improve service to the public by allowing involved parties to purchase reports online, 24/7
  • Decrease walk-in and mail report requests, and eliminate the agency’s need to input accident data
  • Improve the agency’s investigative strength by providing easy access to their accident/crash reports and those of other participating agencies

"Nassau County PD writes and files roughly 39,000 accident reports per year, the majority of which are requested by involved parties or insurance companies. Prior to eCrash, the department had to dedicate staff to find, print and mail physical copies of these reports when requested," said Roy Marler, vice president, LexisNexis Risk Solutions. “eCrash enables this to be done electronically, creating significant efficiencies for the department."

The eCrash solution and service is free to the Nassau County PD. For additional information on eCrash, visit https://ecrash.lexisnexis.com/.

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