Accurint® for Insurance

Increase your efficiency and profitability with market-leading insurance technology and data

Accurint® for Insurance helps you dig deeper than ever before to swiftly verify and discover as much relevant information as possible about your insureds and their beneficiaries. This non-FCRA solution combines specialized analytics, advanced automation and data linking technology with market-leading data from a vast list of resources to help you efficiently validate and confirm customer-provided information, resolve claims and detect fraud.

Access more data in less time for a more complete picture of your insureds

We keep searching when others have to stop, with one of the nation’s largest databases of public and non-public records, publicly available information, proprietary content and contributory information. One search can save you hundreds of dollars, with:

  • Police reports
  • Driver’s licenses and motor vehicle registrations
  • Carrier Discovery and Claims Discovery
  • People and People at Work
  • Phones Plus
  • Businesses and assets
  • CARFAX® Vehicle History Reports™
  • Social Media Locator
  • Health care-related searches
  • Medical records retrieval
  • Moving violations reports
  • National Accident Search
  • News
  • Rate evasion for auto insurers
  • Court filings

Improve performance and position your company for growth

Using a trusted, one-stop resource with highly specialized, proprietary content and technology advantages for the Insurance Industry, Accurint® for Insurance can help you validate and verify customer-provided information, detect, investigate and prevent fraud and better comply with Unclaimed Property compliance standards.

Streamline critical business processes and reduce expenses

Leverage our 35+ years of deep industry knowledge and expertise to help improve internal processes, business outcomes and return on investment, and our ability to seamlessly integrate into critical customer workflows.

Ensure private data stays that way

To further protect your business, we set the standard for data privacy and protection with proprietary customer credentialing, advanced system security, auditing capability, and search anomaly tracking and investigation.

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Access expansive data—more than 34 billion records from 10,000+ sources

You can search more than 800,000 records added daily, more than 500 million unique U.S. consumer identities and more than 1 billion unique business contacts

Premium administrative tools provide easy account management

Centralized “my account” function allows system administrators to easily manage employee access, change passwords, retrieve invoicing and activity reports, and set search functions, preferences and company security restrictions

LexID data linking technology reveals fresh insight and relationships

Uncover connections among people, businesses, assets and locations that can’t be found in public records

Comprehensive support drives fast program implementation and inquiry response

Receive unmatched customer support and training, with 24/7 customer service, technical support and search assistance; individual or group training; and a dedicated account manager always available to answer questions and recommend solutions

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LexisNexis® Accurint® for Insurance—Fraud Defense Network Advantage

Accurint® for Insurance is now available with LexisNexis® Fraud Defense Network (FDN) Advantage, a powerful upgrade that adds suspicious event reports from the LexisNexis® Contributory Risk Repository, a cross-industry database that houses information about fraudulent and suspicious events from organizations in other industries.

By opening access to shared fraud intelligence and identity information, Accurint® for Insurance with FDN Advantage highlights historical fraud patterns and perpetrators—strengthening your specific fraud prevention and investigative processes.

Rate Evasion Evaluation

Application and premium fraud, or "rate evasion", is one of the most difficult kinds of fraud to detect. It's even more difficult to prevent.

Fight application and premium fraud

Make sure your organization is protected with the LexisNexis® Rate Evasion Evaluation service. This powerful tool detects applicant misrepresentations, such as identity, address, vehicle ownership and registration information, and property characteristics.

Verify applicant information

To determine whether or not a potential customer has falsified application information, Rate Evasion Evaluation verifies all personal data through our accurate, comprehensive database of public records. It can help you verify everything from date of birth, address, and telephone numbers to ownership, registration information, and even vehicle location and characteristics.

Detect fraudulent information

Rate Evasion Evaluation returns a unique and customized score to identify areas of potential risk. You can investigate applicant misrepresentations during the underwriting process or anytime during the life of a claim.

Medical Records Retrieval

LexisNexis® Medical Records Retrieval offers a fast, convenient and secure way to order medical records and verify your customers' medical history.

Order, track, and receive medical records

Our secure, web based interface allows you to request orders and to view the status of each request in real-time. Our comprehensive nationwide database gives you access to over 600,000 medical providers and even lets you place requests for x-ray duplication.

Verify your customers' medical histories

Medical Records Retrieval enables you to place more specialized retrieval requests to determine whether an undisclosed medical condition actually exists, and to discover any pre-existing conditions. It also accesses employment and business records to authenticate loss of earnings claims.

Comply with federal regulations

The Accurint® for Insurance database does not use, keep or transmit any HIPAA-related data and as such your use of Accurint® for Insurance does not raise compliance issues under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations.

Get it now: For more information about Accurint® for Insurance, call 800.869.0751.


  1. Accurint® for Insurance

Get it now: For more information about Accurint® for Insurance, call 800.869.0751.

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Accurint®, Rate Evasion Evaluation or Medical Records Retrieval does not constitute a "consumer report" as that term is defined in the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USC 1681 et seq. (FCRA). Accordingly, Accurint®, Rate Evasion Evaluation or Medical Records Retrieval may not be used in whole or in part as a factor in determining eligibility for credit, insurance, employment or another permissible purpose under the FCRA.

Due to the nature of the origin of public record information, the public records and commercially available data sources used in reports may contain errors. Source data is sometimes reported or entered inaccurately, processed poorly or incorrectly, and is generally not free from defect. This product or service aggregates and reports data, as provided by the public records and commercially available data sources, and is not the source of the data, nor is it a comprehensive compilation of the data. Before relying on any data, it should be independently verified.


Did you know?

Accurint® for Insurance provides access to the most comprehensive vehicle history database of public and private sources.

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