Rate Analyst

Understand how rate changes will impact your book and the market

As a companion to the LexisNexis® InSight® program, LexisNexis Rate Analyst allows you to make table factor modifications to your own rating structures. LexisNexis Rate Analyst also enables you to add, delete, or restructure your tables and indexes. The enhanced version of the product, LexisNexis Rate Analyst Plus, enables users to experiment with adding new rating variables as well as making changes to their rate order of calculation. Once modified, revised rating structures are easily exported to InSight and again compared with competitor's rates. With LexisNexis Rate Analyst, you will no longer have to guess how a new rate revision might fare in the marketplace, you'll know.

In LexisNexis Rate Analyst, you can quickly modify rating structures and compare them to competitor rates. LexisNexis Rate Analyst provides you with new product development capabilities by allowing the user to:

  • Edit Base Rates
  • Edit Relativities
  • Edit Discounts and Surcharges
  • Add and delete Territories (including split ZIP codes)
  • Create new rating variables and tables
  • Insert new variables into your Rate Order of Calculation
  • Create a new step in your Rate Order of Calculation

Export rate tables for DOI, Management, and IT, and with LexisNexis Rate Analyst you will have the tools necessary to create new rating plans, understand the impact on your business before you launch, and shorten your time to market.

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Premiums, Factors and Fees

LexisNexis Rate Analyst allows the user to manipulate premiums, factors and fees to generate new experimental revisions.

Territory Information

With LexisNexis Rate Analyst, redefine existing territories and include this new information in experimental revisions. The Territory Editor allows you to reassign ZIP codes to new territories and/or unassign ZIP codes from existing territories. You are also able to create new split zips or combine ZIP codes that are already split. You will be able to see how reassigning territories affects the revision's premiums.

Table Index Editor

With LexisNexis Rate Analyst, redefine existing tables and indexes. The Table Index Editor allows you to modify your tables by adding and deleting indexes to your rating structure. You can also reorder an existing index. This feature is extremely powerful as you will now be able to predict how a variety of factors will influence your company's business. For example, if you were interested in modifying your driver class groups by splitting your 26 - 35 group into two groups, 26 - 30 and 31 - 35, feel free to do so. If you wanted to modify your Property Damage Base Premium Territories by adding or deleting territories from your existing groups, you have this capability as well. You will be able to assign new factors to these groups permitting you to quickly determine how these revised rates will affect your premiums, market share and your book of business.

LexisNexis Rate Analyst Output

LexisNexis Rate Analyst is designed to allow you to create proposed rates based on an existing rating plan by changing existing base rates, rating factors or relativities within the rating plan. Once you have made and are satisfied with the changes of the objectives you seek, you will want to publish those changes for implementation. LexisNexis Rate Analyst allows you to publish the base rates, relativities and factors; to printed material, HTML pages for easy viewing and distribution, or to write the data to a text file.

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