Loss Damage Waiver Score

Maximize revenue, attract low-risk drivers and build customer loyalty.

Loss Damage Waiver Score (LDW) uses data and advanced analytics to evaluate the unique risk of each applicant. This enables car rental companies to identify low- and high-risk drivers, and tailor an appropriate LDW option for that customer.

In a LexisNexis® survey conducted in 2012, 84 percent of the respondents placed identifying customers who were ‘high risk’ as the top challenge they face daily. Their concern is well placed. In an analysis of over 50 million records we found the worst scoring 10 percent of renters caused more than 20 percent of the damage to rental vehicles. Our detailed study also concluded drivers who purchase Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) have higher damage severity and higher loss frequency than those who do not.

LexisNexis® Loss Damage Waiver Score enables rental car companies to evaluate the individual risk of an applicant to optimize LDW rates for lower risk drivers, leading to increased revenue and profitability from LDW sales to these drivers. Rental Car companies can leverage our extensive data warehouse and decades of analytics experience to identify driver risk more appropriately and optimize their revenue opportunities.

Identify and attract low-risk drivers
Loss Damage Waiver Score identifies low- and high- risk drivers equally well, enabling rental car companies to discover low-risk drivers who do not typically purchase LDW.

Identify and attract low-risk drivers
By pricing the LDW option based on renter risk, companies can create more profitable incremental revenue across the driver spectrum, improve take rates, and enhance customer loyalty.

Get results in real time
For busy companies with harried customers whose priority is getting behind the wheel of their rental, immediate results that integrate into existing processes are critical. LexisNexis returns the Loss Damage Waiver Score in real- time utilizing a high-performance computing platform that was designed to rapidly sort, link and query vast quantities of data, with 24/7/365 customer support. Whether reserved or walk-up, LexisNexis Loss Damage Waiver Score efficiently delivers the right price at the right time.

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Loss Damage Waiver Score is appropriate for direct, agency and online channels. Here’s how it works:

  • The customer provides their information –via web/direct, call center, Global Distribution Systems, third-party software, or walk-up
  • The information is passed to LexisNexis in real-time.
  • Additional information is retrieved and scored, and the tailored LDW rate from the rental car company is returned by LexisNexis.
  • The counter agent or web application offers the new LDW rate to the customer.

Get it now: For more information about LexisNexis® Loss Damage Waiver Score, call 800.869.0751.


  1. Loss Damage Waiver Score

Get it now: For more information about LexisNexis® Loss Damage Waiver Score, call 800.869.0751.

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Did you know?

In a study of almost 50 million transactions from several rental companies, LexisNexis® found that the majority of renters who decline LDW do not damage the rental vehicle. In comparison, the worst-performing customers purchase LDW at a higher frequency and are five times more likely to incur damage to a rental vehicle.