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Bankruptcy Management

Discover, monitor and manage changes to your accounts with the complete suite of LexisNexis® bankruptcy management solutions.

The bankruptcy landscape has changed dramatically over the last several years, resulting in a steady increase in bankruptcy filings. Move too early and you could be in violation of Automatic Stay. Move too late and you could miss opportunities to recover debt. We can provide the access you need to comprehensive data and flexible technology to put you in the right place at the right time to maximize your debt recovery.

Filings. Assets. No assets. Dismissals. Discharges. Conversions. Reinstated Cases. These are all events that affect your ability to recover debt—and when. Make sure your account information is up-to-date with bankruptcy solutions that help automate bankruptcy notification and streamline case management.

  1. Dormant Judgments: Unlock hidden revenue potential on your balance sheet

    Did You Know? Close to 80 percent of judgments go uncollected.

    The accounts receivable industry has experienced a seismic shift in recent years. Consumer debt has reached historical levels and in the wake of the economic recession, debtors are still grappling with battered financial resources. In the face of margin compression and increasing collections costs, do avenues exist for continued revenue growth? Cost cutting and staff reduction can only take a business so far before they add a new layer of risk manifested in diminished performance and dissatisfied customers. In this white paper, you can explore key considerations to capitalize on dormant judgments opportunities. Learn how dormant and stagnant judgments represent untapped returns on investments that businesses have already made.
  2. Best Practices for Batch and Online Testing Strategies for Effective Data Testing

    This white paper helps organizations strengthen and streamline their debt collections process by offering insights on how to effectively evaluate information solutions providers. Readers will learn:
    • How to conduct a fair evaluation of information solutions providers.
    • Why cheaper isn't always better.
    Tips for comparing phone vendors and bankruptcy vendors.
  3. Know Your Debtor:
    Making (Dollars and) Sense of Consumer Behavior in a Down Economy

    Written in conjunction with Kaulkin Ginsberg, this paper serves as a practical resource guide for the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry to better position organizations for future profitability and sustainability. Readers will be exposed to:
    • Working examples and data that examine various influences on consumer decision-making.
    • Future forecasts for the ARM industry based on shifting consumer attitudes, legislative responses to U.S. economic conditions and decisioning trends among credit grantors.
    A discussion of industry challenges and strategies for effective collection efforts in the current economic environment.
  4. Use of Wireless Phone in the Collections Process

    This paper provides businesses with a better understanding of appropriate situations in which they can attempt to collect to a debt via text message or cell phone call. In this paper, readers will learn about:
    • Two federal laws governing the use of wireless phones.
    • Specific examples of when an organization can and cannot use a wireless phone.
    • Issues to consider when using cell phones in collections.
    Recent legal cases around the use of wireless phones.
  5. Bankruptcy Proof of Claim

    This white paper details how major increases in bankruptcies are translating into major decreases in revenues for many creditors and collections organizations. The paper then provides effective ways how companies can anticipate bankruptcies before they happen and respond proactively to recover as much debt as possible before the bankruptcy is officially filed by developing and committing to an effective Bankruptcy Management program.

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