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Concentrate Debt Collection Efforts Where You Can Collect

Debt collection success hinges on two critical elements – informed strategies and in-depth data. Our unique combination of robust data and powerful linking yields more complete insight to help you concentrate resources on the accounts where you can get the best results. 

LexisNexis® Accurint® for Collections Decisioning workflow streamlines access to
FCRA-regulated data sets and key searches to help you determine ability to repay and prioritize accounts to increase collections.

With intuitive searches and links to critical consumer details, this tool speeds and simplifies your collections workflow. Access court records, judgments and liens, property, licenses and bankruptcy data. In addition, pre-determined robust reports such as The LexisNexis Comprehensive Report delivers data in a clean, tabled format making it easy for you to review the depth of information provided.

Scoring Solutions Help Rank and Prioritize

Payment Score is a “dual performance score” that helps predict debt repayment by rank ordering accounts based on the likelihood that a debtor will repay a debt within the next three months and ranks higher those accounts likely to repay the most dollars. Payment Score accesses over 37 billion public records built from 10,000+ sources that provide proprietary consumer attributes unique to the market and highly predictive for collections. 

PAYMETRIX™ is a sophisticated suit-decisioning tool that identifies and prioritizes legal collection decisions, allowing you to collect:

  • The most profitable accounts in the right channel
  • In the right order
  • While optimizing costs and minimizing waste

Depend on LexisNexis solutions to help you collect with more confidence.

Accurint® for Collections: Decisioning Workflow
Prioritize collection strategies with streamlined access to FCRA-regulated data sets
Payment Score
Accelerate collections results with alternative data
Identifying and prioritizing legal collection decisions
Identify previously undiscovered consumer assets

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