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Identity Verification & Authentication

Identity Verification & Authentication

Ensure the identity exists, and confirm the ownership of it to avoid fraud losses.

We start with the industry’s most robust and accurate repository of identity information, covering over 95% of US consumers. Then, our unique linking and cross-checking reconciles name variations, duplicates, multiple addresses, and myriad other inconsistencies and linkages, to help you:

  • Validate name, address and phone information
  • “Red-flag” inconsistent data elements
  • Perform global identity checks with seamless integration and reporting capabilities

There are times when business rules call for extra due diligence such as high-value transactions, or when a customer’s identity details don’t match. Our products allow you to dig deeper to prevent fraud:

  • Authenticate identities on the spot using knowledge-based quizzes
  • Dynamically adjust security level to suit risk scenario
  • Receive real-time pass/fail results

Our Identity verification and authentication solutions provide reliable verifications, increased sales while mitigating fraud losses.

Instant Authenticate
Confidently authenticate the identity of your customers
Instant Verify
Verify IDs and professional credentials instantly
InstantID® Q&A
Authenticate customer identities in real-time
Complete identity verification, spot fraud and uncover identity discrepancies in real time
Order Score
Identify high risk transactions to avoid chargebacks

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