Our Solutions

Our Solutions

We offer innovative solutions to serve a wide range of industries and government while upholding the highest standard for security and privacy. Please explore the listing below to find your product of interest. You can view the full list of products or explore by industry or capability.

  • By Industry
  • Communications
    Communications companies face a fast-moving market that offers both competition and tremendous growth potential.

  • Financial Services
    Prevent financial crime, improve operational efficiencies and enhance profitability.

  • Gaming
    Leverage data and analytics to grow revenue and mitigate risks in land-based casinos and iGaming worldwide.

  • Government
    Enhance investigations, derive insight from complex data sets, and combat fraud, waste and abuse.

  • Health Care
    Ensure appropriate access to health information, improve operational outcomes, and proactively reduce health care fraud.

  • Hospitality and Travel
    LexisNexis® Risk Solutions combines vast data sources with proven technology.

  • Insurance
    Reduce expenses, combat fraud and achieve greater operational efficiency across multiple lines of business.

  • Receivables Management
    Increase workflow efficiencies, gain greater insight into debt portfolios, collect more in less time and achieve greater profitability.

  • Retail
    Protect your revenue, maximize operational efficiencies and enhance your ability to predict and prevent fraud.

  • Utilities
    LexisNexis has a suite of solutions to help utility providers manage risk and improve the customer experience.

  • By Need
  • Business Risk Management
    Know the business and authorized representatives – and the connections between them – that can greatly impact your success.

  • Compliance
    Reduce financial and reputational risk by complying with evolving regulations and streamlining due diligence.

  • Credit Risk Management
    Great customers don't only come from credit reports.

  • Data Management
    Are you maximizing the potential of your data?

  • Fraud
    Increase your ability to detect and prevent fraud, contain costs and protect revenue with relevant information about people, businesses and assets.

  • Identity
    Do business securely and profitably by better understanding your customers, employees and vendors.

  • Investigation
    Make informed decisions by identifying, authenticating, investigating and monitoring individuals.