Alternative Decisioning Tools

Evaluating the Viability of Alternative Decisioning Tools

A Study of Auto and Credit Card Lending Markets.

The last few years have brought significant economic and legislative upheaval for the lending market. While lending is rebounding from the recession, traditional credit measures are falling short in painting a clear picture of risk—and opportunity. In the first-ever comprehensive study on alternative data tools, LexisNexis® Risk Solutions and Javelin Strategy & Research found that alternative data could have generated $1.6 billion for credit card issuers and $1.9 billion for auto lenders in 2012 alone.

The study also explains that alternative data is already being used in the U.S., and consumers are familiar and comfortable with it. Find out more from this study that combines LexisNexis® and industry data with lender and consumer attitudes to get a 360-degree view into the societal, economic and regulatory effect of alternative data.

Download the Evaluating the Viability of Alternative Decisioning Tools Study to Learn:

  • How to grow beyond saturated "prime" markets to reach responsible underserved consumers
  • How alternative solutions reduce manual underwriting time, chargeoffs, cost and risk
  • Auto and credit lending executives’ position on alternative data
  • Insights, attitudes, usage trends and results from actual lenders and consumers
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