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Search Tips

To use this search page, you can look for a single word. Or, use the tips below to refine your search to find more specific results.

  • Look for a specific phrase (default search type).
    Example - type sports events to find the exact phrase sports events. Since the search is not case-sensitive, this is equivalent to Sports Events.
  • Look for two or more words at once by using the AND operator.
    Example - type sports AND events to find documents that have both the word sports and the word events.
  • Look for words that are close to each other by using the NEAR operator.
    Example - type sports NEAR events to match documents where the word sports is within 50 words of the word events.
  • Look for synonyms or similar words by using the OR operator. 
    Example - type dogs OR puppies to find the word dogs or the word puppies, but not necessarily both.
  • Limit your search by using the AND NOT operator to exclude words.
    Example - type surfing AND NOT the Internet to find all instances of surfing, as long as surfing is not followed by the phrase the Internet.
  • Use double quotes if you want to use AND, OR, NOT, or NEAR literally.
    Example - type "houses near parks" to find documents with the exact phrase houses near parks. Without the double quotes, this query would use the NEAR operator instead of the phrase.
  • Use a single asterisk (*) to look for words that begin with the same letters.
    Example - type key* to find key, keying, keyhole, keyboard, and so on.
  • Use a double asterisk (**) to look for all forms of a word.
    Example - type fly** to match fly, flew, flown, and flying.

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