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Shepard's Citations Service on lexis.com

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Shepardize® Now at lexis.com
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Shepard's® on the LexisNexis® services at lexis.com® brings you easy-to-use tools for faster, more comprehensive research. 

  • Shepardize® a Headnote! Link directly to discussions in citing cases from your LexisNexis Headnotes. Faster, more relevant research is easier than ever.
  • Shepard's Signal™: View the treatment of your case at a glance. Use the new Pop-up Signal Legend for signal information.
    • Warning - Negative treatment is indicated
    • Questioned - Validity questioned by citing refs
    • Caution - Possible negative treatment
    • Positive treatment is indicated
    • Citing refs with analysis available 
    • Citation information available

  • Shepard's Table of Authorities: How strong is the foundation of your case? Uncover hidden weaknesses in seconds with an at-a-glance list of the cases cited within your case. Each citing reference is clearly marked with a Shepard's Signal so you know up front how the underpinning cases have been treated.
  • FOCUS™: Pinpoints citing references that discuss specific facts or points of law relevant to your particular issue or fact pattern - in seconds!
  • Choose from two report formats:
    • Shepard's for Research: The "FULL" format includes the new Shepard’s summary and is a great way to start your research — with all the cases, secondary sources, statutes, and annotations that cite your authority.
    • Shepard's for Validation: Use this “KWIC” formats for a list of only those citations that determine if your case is still good law.

  • Shepard's Summary: Available in the FULL/unrestricted format, brings the most important aspects of your Shepard's Report to the top of the page.
  • Shepard's Navigation Bar: Quickly navigate throughout your report to specific analysis phrases, jurisdictions or secondary sources.
  • Pop-up Analysis Definitions: Get definitions for analysis phrases in one click.
  • Shepard's Trail: Navigate with ease between unrestricted, restricted and FOCUS answer sets.

With 130+ years of time-tested editorial analysis, Shepard's Citations Service is relied on for its accuracy and timeliness. See for yourself: Take A Tour today!

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