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Connecting you to a dynamic portrait of securities, SEC filings and other federal government regulatory and disclosure news, policy updates, deals and transactions.

Knowledge Mosaic resources deliver real-time securities and SEC information, as well as industry news, research, guidance and current awareness on matters related to federal regulation and disclosure. Our breadth of content and innovative technologies give you access to powerful government and securities data to help you make more strategic decisions.

  • Stay on top of federal government policy and judicial decisions
  • Track companies, law firms, lawmakers, and rule makers across a myriad of sources
  • Monitor enforcement activity and business disclosures with precision
  • Follow business deals and transactions

SEC Filings
Our complete collection of SEC EDGAR® filings is updated in real time. Use robust search fields at the filing and company levels, which complement full Boolean and relevance text search capabilities.

Comment Letters, No-Action Letters
With our SEC Comment Letters search page, you can filter by industry, location and the form type of the subject filing. View all letters in a related comment letter thread, and generate a single PDF that consolidates them.

Knowledge Mosaic also boasts nearly 70,000 full-text searchable no-action letters that span more than 40 years (over 10 times what you’ll find on!). The new SEC No-Action Letters Advanced Search feature gives you dedicated and powerful access to this collection, providing you with valuable SEC staff positions and analysis.

Private Placements
Private Placement Memoranda provides you with an extensive database of valuable private offerings under Rule 144A, Reg S and Reg D. This collection, updated regularly, helps you stay on top of the market and streamline your workflow to save valuable time.

Agreements, Model Documents
Find model precedent language for a variety of business documents, including agreements, contracts, covenants, bylaws, opinions and more. Choose from among millions of sample documents culled from public companies’ SEC Disclosures.

Agency Documents, Laws and Rules
Our Laws, Rules, and Agency Materials page lets you cross-search the entire federal regulatory landscape. It features regulatory, guidance, enforcement, research and news publications including complete coverage of the SEC. We also provide access to the Federal Register, the complete and current CFR and the complete U.S. code.

News, Law Firm Memos
Our powerful alert system delivers the relevant news, data and guidance materials you’re looking for from our premium suite of news publications. In addition to news, Knowledge Mosaic also provides access to a growing collection of Law Firm Memos, which is an invaluable resource for keeping up with the latest legal developments and doing in-depth research on special topics. This database of expert commentary features nearly 100,000 memos from North America’s top firms and is updated daily.

Stay Up To Date With Real-Time Filings
Our continuous content collection and fast automated processes allow us to put new SEC data online in real time, and agency materials as quickly as 20 minutes after release, ensuring you have the most up-to-date sources.

Intuitive Search for Faster Results
Leverage our intuitive and versatile search capabilities to find SEC filings, extensive federal laws and regulations, federal agency rulemaking materials, and commentary from over 100,000 law firm memos.

Easily Share Information
We make it easy to disseminate information after you find it! Share your searches with colleagues who also use Knowledge Mosaic, and share your alerts and sources with colleagues whether they use it or not.

Keep Pace with Federal Agency Changes
Dodd-Frank and Affordable Care Act Rulemaking Trackers are available to help you keep pace with federal agency implementations of these important Acts.

Unlimited Support and Research Assistance
Subscribers receive free and unlimited technical support and research assistance, as well as opportunities for real-time training. We also provide an array of online resources for those who prefer to learn at their own pace.

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  • A Mainstay

    "In multiple instances Knowledge Mosaic has helped me quickly gather timely, incisive and relevant information regarding emerging issues/trends in the financial industry. It’s a mainstay for keeping abreast of industry developments and reporting to senior management."

    Senior Vice President, Fortune 500 Banking Company

  • Be the FIRST to know

    "The afternoon daily alerts inform me of SEC actions of relevance to my client(s) that occurred that same day, a day before other similar services reported the information. This enabled me to be the first one to inform the client(s) and gave us a 1/2-1 day head start on planning our next steps. This has occurred more than once."

    Solo Practioner, Law firm: 1 to 10 attorneys

  • Cutting Edge Content

    "I needed to advise my client as to usefulness of ‘IPO On-Ramp.’ I was able to find accurate and current information related to this cutting edge topic on Knowledge Mosaic."

    Jeff Bekiares, Of Counsel, Smith Gambrell & Russell

  • A+ Customer Service

    "I was working on Saturday on a complex analysis of companies with dual stock class status that switched to single class status. Knowledge Mosaic customer service was available, and a representative worked with me to develop a search query that met the expectations of the attorney. Furthermore, he provided the filings that discussed the switch. I have never had an unsatisfactory experience when contacting the Knowledge Mosaic customer support team. They are smart, quick, and efficient. I always know that I’ll get a quality response from them."

    Librarian, Law firm: 100+ attorneys

  • Superior SEC litigation search

    "If I want to find all SEC litigation or administrative releases related to an enforcement action against a particular company, Knowledge Mosaic is the best way to do it."

    Michael Klausner, Professor, Stanford University

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