Lexis® Search Advantage

Integrate trusted content to your internal documents to streamline, expedite and validate your legal research.

Reduce the number of steps needed to perform research with an enterprise-wide search enhancement solution. Incorporate Shepard’s Signal indicators and links to case/code citations in your internal work product–and ensure you’re not missing relevant information.

  • Streamline and expedite the research process
  • Avoid costly mistakes by validating your work
  • Reduce wasted time looking for pertinent content
  • Speed up on-boarding of new lawyers
  • Maximize your data management investment

  • Integrated Search Tool 
    Quickly find what you need with a single, integrated tool that locates all relevant information–internal work product, enterprise content and LexisNexis® content.
  • Exclusive Shepard’s Signal Indicators 
    View real-time Shepard’s Signal indicators within your internal documents to quickly see the treatment of case law and validate your research–only available through LexisNexis!
  • Embedded Hyperlinks 
    Link directly from your documents to LexisNexis content–including case law, statutes, regulations and information about companies and people–to save time throughout the legal research process.
  • Cross References 
    Complete your research–more quickly and easily–with intelligent cross referencing between internal documents and lexis.com® that helps you find on-point documents and relevant citations.
  • Search Capabilities 
    Search specific clauses/sections within documents to pinpoint prior work product based on issues of law and citations.
  • Agnostic Technology & Unlimited Scalability 
    Seamlessly integrate your document management system with best-of-breed search engines to maximize your existing investment. Simultaneously search multiple systems–including databases, intranets, e-mail archives and websites–from a single interface.
  • Fast Implementation 
    Implement a search enhancement solution that is quicker to deploy than competing products for a faster return on your investment.
  • Streamline and Expedite the Research Process
    Eliminate time-consuming, manual synthesis of information between internal and external sources with a single, integrated search tool–and cut your research steps in half!
  • Avoid Costly Mistakes by Validating Your Work
    Incorporate Shepard’s Signal indictors to validate your internal work product in seconds–such as pleadings, depositions, memos, deal documents and motions–and be sure you aren’t missing pertinent legal information that could hurt your case.
  • Reduce Wasted Time Looking for Pertinent Content
    Decrease unproductive efforts trying to find the information you need with the ability to simultaneously search multiple databases–and quickly locate the relevant case law or citations on specific matters.
  • Speed Up On-Boarding of New Lawyers
    Leverage relevant internal work products and best practices–with the only solution that seamlessly combines enterprise search and legal knowledge management–so new employees get up to speed more quickly.
  • Maximize Your Data Management Investment
    Optimize your existing investment by seamlessly integrating your document management system with best-of-breed search engines.

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