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Produits à considérer

Annotated Securities Transfer Act (Ontario), 2012 Edition
This title provides in-depth guidance to the Securities Transfer Act, 2006. With section-by-section commentary and user-friendly features, this publication provides a conceptual framework for, and an accessible treatment of, an important new development in Canadian commercial law.

Canadian Securities Regulation, 5th Edition
In one of Canada 's foremost treatises on the subject, experts David Johnston, Kathleen Doyle Rockwell and Cristie Ford provide an authoritative exploration of the Canadian securities system, its historical underpinnings and the practical ramifications of its administration and enforcement.

Corporate Securities and Finance Law Report - Newsletter + PDF
This informative newsletter focuses on current issues in the world of securities and finance law. The articles review recent court decisions and securities commissions' policies and are replete with jurisdictional and statutory citations and extracts.

Corporate Securities Laws in Canada with a Guide to U.S. Law
Corporate Securities Laws in Canada with a Guide to U.S. Law addresses the securities legislation in Canada's four major securities markets - Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec - as well as key U.S. securities laws.