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Morden & Perell – The Law of Civil Procedure in Ontario, 2nd Edition
This title provides a substantive consideration of the rules including the recent amendments by two authorities on civil procedure. This in-depth examination of civil procedure includes recent case law which shows how the courts have begun to interpret and apply the new rules.

The Oatley-McLeish Guide to Demonstrative Advocacy
In this vividly-illustrated book, with each chapter written by renown personal injury experts, the reader will learn how to effectively use demonstrative evidence, at each stage of litigation, from opening statement to cross examination to closing statement.

The Trial of An Action, 2nd Edition
First published in 1981, this classic manual gives you insight into trial techniques and strategies from The Late Honourable Mr. Justice John Sopinka, one of Canada 's leading litigators, and has been revised to reflect the evolution in trial practice and tactics in recent years.