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Canadian Tort Law - Cases, Notes & Materials, 14th Edition
Designed as an introduction for tort law students, this book offers a probing analysis of basic concepts and an examination of the everyday human problems that this area of law addresses. The authors guide students through this vital aspect of the Canadian judicial tradition.

Introduction to the Canadian Law of Torts
This book is designed to provide students with a clear and concise introduction to the law of torts in Canada. It presents the subject in a lucid and straightforward manner, and will prove useful to anyone seeking a summary of the key legal concepts in this area of the law.

Introduction to the Canadian Law of Torts, 3rd Edition
Now in its third edition, Introduction to the Canadian Law of Torts offers a succinct overview of the general principles of the law of torts in Canada.

Libel, 3rd Edition
Libel, 3rd Edition guides you through the thicket of rules, exceptions, shifting onuses and other legal considerations. Coverage includes cases decided since publication of the 2nd edition in 2010, what constitutes defamation, the remedies available, defences available and how defamation ties into privacy laws. The book combines all commentary and analysis into a convenient, user-friendly volume.

Pure Economic Loss in Canadian Negligence Law
Written by law professor Russell Brown, this book comprehensively deals with this complex and often confusing area of Canadian law. This is the first book devoted solely to examining Canadian case authorities and the unique problems that arise from them.