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Canadian Forms & Precedents - Commercial Transactions - Commercial Tenancies, 2nd Edition
Meets the demands of busy practitioners by providing them with the drafting know-how they need to prepare documents and agreements used in everyday transactions.

Goode: Commercial Law Fourth edition
Available in full-size hardback format, the fourth edition of this highly acclaimed work is used extensively by commercial lawyers in this country and overseas. It combines a deep theoretical treatment of personal property and commercial law with a penetrating analysis of key issues in typical commercial and financial transactions. As part of its ...

Halsbury's Laws of Canada – Commercial Law I: Agency (2015 Reissue) / Auctions (2015 Reissue) / Bailment (2015 Reissue) / Betting, Gaming and Lotteries (2015 Reissue)
Agency articulates the creation and termination of the agency, the rights, obligations and duties of an agent and principal. Auctions covers auctioneers and auction sales companies and licensing requirements. Bailment provides a discussion of the rights and obligations of bailers and bailees. Betting details the federal and provincial government's shared jurisdiction over gambling.

Halsbury's Laws of Canada – Commercial Law II: Bills of Exchange (2015 Reissue) / Consumer Protection (2015 Reissue) / Sale of Goods (2015 Reissue)
Bills of Exchange delivers a thoughtful summary of the Canadian law relating to bills of exchange and negotiable instruments. Consumer Protection guides practitioners through the law, providing an invaluable review of consumer protection by province, and by industry. Sale of Goods concisely explains the rules governing the sale of goods in Canada.

International Commercial Law, 6th Edition
Provides an analysis of public and private international law relevant to international trade, and discusses Australian legal issues in the context of domestic law, and cases from other jurisdictions to provide a comparative perspective.