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Advertising and Marketing Law in Canada, 5th Edition
This latest edition covers all of the hot topics in advertising and marketing law in Canada. With this guide as your reference, you can advise your clients and colleagues knowing that you have up-to-date information at your fingertips.

Communications Law in Canada
Examines the legal frameworks under communication law currently employed to regulate traditional forms of both telecommunications and broadcasting.

Entertainment Law in Canada
Covers four major fields in the entertainment industry: film, television, music and sports. It specifically addresses the legal, income tax and business considerations that commonly arise in connection with the creation, development and production of artistic works and sports activities.

Libel, 3rd Edition
Libel, 3rd Edition guides you through the thicket of rules, exceptions, shifting onuses and other legal considerations. Coverage includes cases decided since publication of the 2nd edition in 2010, what constitutes defamation, the remedies available, defences available and how defamation ties into privacy laws. The book combines all commentary and analysis into a convenient, user-friendly volume.

Private Law, Social Life - An Introduction, 2nd Edition
This edition introduces an alternative to the core set of philosophical assumptions underlying private law doctrine. That alternative is a more community based, or "relationships based" focus, rather than the conventional individualistic set of assumptions.