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Canadian Forms & Precedents - Wills and Estates
Canadian Forms & Precedents - Wills and Estates offers a unique blend of documents and supplementary commentary, ensuring that counsel understands what has to be done and what options are available at every stage in a procedure.

Drafting Trusts and Will Trusts in Canada, 3rd Edition
This edition continues to combine commentary on different types of trusts with expertly crafted precedents. The precedents follow a simple, natural drafting style to help you avoid difficulties. Commentary covers a full range of practical issues that underpin trust drafting.

Halsbury's Laws of Canada – Wills and Estates (2012 Reissue)
Newly revised and thoroughly updated, Halsbury's Wills and Estates (2012 Reissue) provides a contextual understanding of the testamentary implications of marriage, divorce, real estate transactions, and the acquisition or disposal of assets in wide-ranging legal contexts.

The Practitioner's Guide to Estate Practice in Ontario, 5th Edition
Written by a veteran estates planning and administration lawyer, this handy practice manual is filled with insightful commentary, useful precedents and important legal tips.

Underhill and Hayton Law of Trusts and Trustees 18th edition
This major work provides practitioners with an incisive examination of the many important developments in laws relating to trusts and trustees that have taken place since the last edition in 2006, as well as forecasting likely developments in the future. Comprehensive in its coverage and edited by a leading authority on trusts, this is the ...