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Advising Families on Succession Planning - The High Price of Not Talking
This new book will help you explain to clients the benefits (both financial and emotional) of developing an effective and comprehensive estate plan that includes consulting with intended beneficiaries as part of the process.

Advisors Seeking Knowledge - A Comprehensive Guide to Succession and Estate Planning
Revealing the step-by-step process of how to effectively preserve, protect and distribute wealth, this is a resource for the innovative and proactive professional seeking to guide clients to smoothly transition into the last third of their lives, according to Canadian estate law.

Sale of a Business, 10th Edition
Written by one of Canada's leading commercial law practitioners, this fully revised and updated edition provides comprehensive, step-by-step guidance that takes you through the sale of a business from beginning to end.

Start-Up and Growth Companies in Canada - A Guide to Legal and Business Practice, 2nd Edition
When this business law book was initially published in 2005, it was the first resource of its kind written for legal, business and finance professionals who service clients in the start-up and growth company sector. It remains unique today.