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British Columbia Employment Law Handbook, 2nd Edition
Covers the minimum standards affecting all B.C. employees including wages, hours of work, statutory holidays and vacations, human rights, unemployment insurance, workers' compensation and workplace safety.

Ontario Employment Law Handbook – An Employer's Guide, 11th Edition
This new edition provides up-to-date current information, enabling employers, practitioners, human resource specialists and employees to stay on top of the latest developments in the law, and arms you with critical knowledge to help reduce exposure to legal liability.

Sexual Discrimination - Employment Law and Practices
This book thoroughly examines employment practices and policies that may constitute "sex discrimination" in the workplace - including discrimination on the basis of gender, family and marital status, pregnancy and sexual preference and orientation.

Sexual Harassment - A Guide for Understanding and Prevention, 2nd Edition
This book outlines legal concepts of sexual harassment in non-legal terms using simple language without ignoring the complexities of the legal and financial implications, and provides fast, accurate and direct answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, 3rd Edition
Addresses both why it is legally incumbent upon all prudent employers to adopt a workplace sexual harassment policy and what such a policy should contain.