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Canadian Extradition Law Practice, 5th Edition
As one of Canada's leading experts in the field of extradition law, Dr. Gary Botting provides cumulative knowledge, valuable insights and strategic advice that make this the most comprehensive resource available on current extradition law.

Canadian Immigration & Refugee Law Practice, 2016 Edition + E-Book
This book provides you with an overview of the new legislative framework of Canadian immigration and refugee law along with guiding principles for the exercise of discretion by the Immigration and Refugee Board.

Federal Limitations Manual, 2nd Edition
This civil litigation manual is an essential guide to statutory time limitations contained in the various Statutes of Canada and the Federal Courts, and Supreme Court of Canada Rules of Court for the commencing of an action, the bringing of an appeal and the instituting of various other proceedings and prosecutions.

The Definition of Convention Refugee
Canada continues to serve as a beacon both for those around the world seeking to escape repression and those who merely want a better life. This book thoroughly reviews how the courts and tribunals determine who qualifies for refugee status under the 1951 U.N. Convention.