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Canadian Health Law and Policy 4th Edition
This book draws together all the legal and policy issues that are relevant to human health, and sheds new light on emerging and continuing trends.

Canadian Mental Health Law and Policy, 2nd Edition
Canadian Mental Health Law and Policy, 2nd Edition, tackles this controversial topic, providing readers with an understanding of these laws while offering a roadmap for the future.

Halsbury's Laws of Canada - Public Health (2014 Reissue) / Public International Law (2014 Reissue)
The Public Health volume examines the law that empowers public health officials and institutions to carry out various functions to deliver public health programs and services, prevent the spread of disease and promote and protect the health of the population while the Public International Law volume examines the body of rules and principles that governs relations between sovereign independent states, between states and international organizations, and to a more limited extent, between states and