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Apportionment of Liability in British Columbia
This digest service covers British Columbia decisions dealing mainly with the apportionment of liability in motor vehicle accidents.

Assessment of Personal Injury Damages, 5th Edition
To evaluate loss in personal injury and fatal accident actions, a wide range of factors must be considered - future earning capacity, cost of care, and numerous other levels of personal injury damages. This edition will help you to properly determine the amount a plaintiff is owed.

Insurance Case Law Digest - Property and Casualty
This resource offers comprehensive and concise coverage of automobile and property insurance cases in Canada.

Personal Injury Damages, 2007-2011 Cumulative Edition
This 2007-2011 Cumulative Edition includes all cases reported from January 2007 through December 2011, and will serve as your primary point of reference in researching personal injury damages.

Personal Injury Damages 2001-2006 Cumulative Edition
With future cases captured in Annual Supplements*, this reformatted, enhanced 2001-2006 Cumulative Edition includes the new cases reported for 2006 and all previous cases from November 2000, and will serve as your Primary Point of Reference in researching personal injury damages.