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Products to Consider

Annotated Creditors and Debtors Laws of Ontario
This looseleaf service is a comprehensive guide to the federal and provincial legislative framework governing the law related to creditors and debtors in Ontario.

Canadian Forms & Precedents - Debtor/Creditor, 2nd Edition
Offers over 500 forms and precedents, in-depth commentary and indispensable checklists covering bankruptcy, receivership, restructuring, builders' liens and levying execution.

Halsbury's Laws of Canada - Debtor and Creditor (2014 Reissue)
This valuable title deals with the collection by unsecured creditors of debts owed by solvent debtors and discusses the federal-provincial overlap in the area of insolvency that results in many provincial statutes having application to insolvent debtors.

Rank of Creditors' Rights in Canada
This service provides clear direction on the issue of the ranking of creditors' rights according to federal and provincial legislation. It discusses the legal authority for the ranking of creditors and priority of claims under federal bankruptcy, insolvency, and banking legislation.