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Art of Advocacy Series: Appeals
Step-by-step practical analysis of written and oral arguments, with expert advice on preparation and presentation. Included are sample written briefs and oral arguments in products liability cases, medical malpractice cases, and wrongful death actions. Arguments are compared, do's and don'ts are highlighted, and checklists are provided. First ...

Art of Advocacy Series: Cross Examination of Non-Medical Experts
Learn how to undermine an expert's testimony by showing bias, lack of qualification, inconsistency with prior statements, etc., how to use a witness to prove your case and how to control a hostile witness.

Art of Advocacy Series: Demonstrative Evidence
Here is an invaluable guidance for the litigator on how and when to use demonstrative evidence in a personal injury case. Complete with sample testimony and arguments, illustrations, charts and diagrams, the demonstrative evidence volume covers: Technical and practical problems involved in obtaining and handling demonstrative exhibits.

Art of Advocacy Series: Direct Examination
Using a variety of direct examinations from actual trials, this work analyzes: establishing loss of future earnings in work injury, medical malpractice, and products liability cases, keeping injury focused on impact of injury on plaintiff's life, establishing credibility of experts and much more.

Art of Advocacy Series: Discovery
Art of Advocacy Series: Discovery covers the following areas of practice: Depositions Interrogatories and requests for production of documents.