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Products to Consider

Canadian Franchise Law - A Practical Guide, 2nd Edition
This second edition text by franchise law expert Daniel So explores the laws governing Canadian franchised businesses. This book is intended for franchisors and deals with the business law issues that they face, as they enter into, and maintain, franchise relationships.

Leasing in Canada - A Business Guide, 3rd Edition
Brings you the practical advice upon which effective leases are built by providing a thorough and concise analysis of a variety of Canadian business law issues.

Legal Opinions in Commercial Transactions, 3rd Edition
Long regarded as the "bible" on third party legal opinions, this is a law textbook written "by a practitioner for practitioners". Now in its third edition, this book contains updates in the law and in customary practice since its last publication date over 15 years ago. Many new topics are addressed as well.

Sale of a Business, 10th Edition
Written by one of Canada's leading commercial law practitioners, this fully revised and updated edition provides comprehensive, step-by-step guidance that takes you through the sale of a business from beginning to end.