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Canadian Healthcare Forms & Policies
This practical resource contains over 80 prototype forms and policies designed specifically for health institutions, practices and organizations. These prototypes are a basis for developing custom documents that meet virtually every risk management and legal need.

Canadian Mental Health Law and Policy, 2nd Edition
Canadian Mental Health Law and Policy, 2nd Edition, tackles this controversial topic, providing readers with an understanding of these laws while offering a roadmap for the future.

Health Law in Canada-Newsletter
This quarterly publication focuses on how the law impinges on the day-to-day tasks of health care professionals while also exploring the controversial ethical aspects of health law. Lively dialogue ensures the reader is kept up-to-date and fully aware of all significant developments.

Public Health Law & Policy in Canada, 3rd Edition
If you've been searching for a comprehensive overview of Canadian public health law and policy, look no further. Edited by leading health law scholars and featuring contributions from renowned experts in the field, Public Health Law & Policy in Canada is the definitive guide to the foundations of law system that applies to healthcare in Canada.

The Personal Health Information Protection Act - Implementing Best Privacy Practices, 2nd Edition
This title will help you tackle privacy within your organization. Discover the latest amendments to the Act and the associated Regulations, comments on the Privacy Commissioner of Ontario's 10 orders, and suggestions to ensure compliance.