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Managing Conflict in Schools - A Practical Guide
This is the definitive resource for dealing with conflicts inherent in educational institutions. By arming educators with an understanding of the nature of conflict and step-by-step means to resolve these challenges, this guide allows them to usher positive changes in their environments.

Occupational Health and Safety in Ontario Education - A Risk and Compliance Manual
This manual aids education professionals in identifying workplace hazards, managing risks, minimizing the risk of injury and dealing with the obligations imposed by the applicable legislation.

OH&S for Ontario School Staff - A Principals Guide
Including a clear analysis of all aspects of the Occupational Health and Safety Act that are pertinent to the industry, this book is a vital source for educators in an increasingly complex time, and acts as a roadmap for principals to help them understand their OH&S responsibilities.

Sexual Misconduct in Education - Prevention, Reporting and Discipline, 2nd Edition
Along with new procedures and regulations, the Student Protection Act, 2002 also introduced many complicated, often confusing legal issues. Designed especially for educators and administrators, this is your comprehensive guide to these important changes.

Student Discipline, 3rd Edition - A Guide to Bill 157 (Keeping Our Kids Safe at School)
This book simplifies the Bill 157 changes to the Education Act and explains all of the steps and procedures to be followed for student suspensions and expulsions. Learn the practical and legal implications of Bill 157, and other legal changes.