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Cross-Border Torts: Canadian-US Litigation Strategies
For Canadian litigation lawyers who are confronted with the question of whether to sue in the U.S. or in Canada, finally there is an international civil law book which offers guidance for evaluating the best forum and identifying the relevant factors.

Lawyers' Professional Liability, 3rd Edition
Now in its third edition – the first new edition since 1998 – this essential resource offers practical guidance for avoiding legal malpractice claims and is particularly relevant for any lawyer involved in adjudicating, litigating or settling legal malpractice suits.

The Conduct of Oral and Documentary Discovery
Offers both novice and experienced litigators insight into the conduct of discovery in Ontario. In particular, this affordable and useful guide will be an invaluable acquisition for every litigator.

Written Advocacy, 2nd Edition
Now in its second edition, this helpful administrative law guide offers useful tips and advice for drafting effective letters, pleadings, memoranda, and other litigation-related documents.