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Products to Consider

Canadian Contract Law, 3rd Edition
This civil litigation book, covering all aspect of contract law, helps lawyers advise clients, draft agreements, and recognize the pitfalls and dangers in resolving contract disputes by carefully explaining the actual approach courts have taken to solving contractual disputes.

Competition and Antitrust Laws in Canada: Mergers, Joint Ventures and Competitor Collaborations
This is the only book devoted solely to merger review and joint ventures under Canada's competition laws. From an insider's perspective, the book covers all aspects of merger review.

Start-Up and Growth Companies in Canada - A Guide to Legal and Business Practice, 2nd Edition
When this business law book was initially published in 2005, it was the first resource of its kind written for legal, business and finance professionals who service clients in the start-up and growth company sector. It remains unique today.

The Law of Product Warnings and Recalls in Canada
A space should be reserved for this book on the shelf of every Canadian company that makes and/or sells any kind of product. These companies are sure to find this new publication focusing exclusively on the laws concerning product warnings and recalls, to be indispensable.