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Products to Consider

Courtroom Criminal Evidence, 5th Edition
Learn about the latest developments in evidence law, including evidentiary issues posed by fax and e-mail, scientific and polygraph evidence, and more.

Proof – Canadian Rules of Evidence, 3rd Edition
Professor Paul Atkinson, an evidence teacher for the last 25 years, explains in easy-to-understand language, the rules and principles of evidence in Canada, and how legal statutes and case precedents determine our evidence laws.

Sopinka, Lederman & Bryant - The Law of Evidence, 4th Edition
Stay up-to-date on evidentiary issues with this new edition that includes all significant changes to the evidence law over the past decade. It is the only major Canadian treatise with in-depth coverage of both civil and criminal evidence.

Trial Technique & Evidence: Trial Tactics and Sponsorship Strategies, Fourth Edition
This combination provides students with the foundation for becoming skilled trial advocates within the boundaries of the rules of evidence.