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Alcohol and Drugs in the Canadian Workplace – An Employer's Guide to the Law, Prevention, and Management of Substance Abuse, 2nd Edition
This book offers an easy-to-read overview of the case law related to this area and provides useful advice for employers about drug and alcohol testing and policies.

Butterworths Workers' Compensation in Ontario Service
This publication clearly addresses how the workers' compensation system in Ontario is currently organized and administered, and how and when the different regimes apply and are interrelated.

Disability Management – Theory, Strategy and Industry Practice, 5th Edition
This comprehensive text on integrated disability management programming is an essentialemployment law resource tool for creating, implementing, and understanding disability management in the workplace, and for providing proven management solutions to Canadian employers.

Halsbury's Laws of Canada – Workplace Health and Safety (2015 Reissue) / Youth Justice (2015 Reissue)
Halsbury's Workplace Health and Safety volume examines the wide range of employment and labour law-based rules and regulations aimed at protecting workers, while the Youth Justice volume thoroughly examines all aspects of crimes by children and against children.

Health, Safety and Environmental Management Systems Auditing, 2nd Edition
Written by Health and Safety experts, this comprehensive text guides readers through all aspects of Health, Safety and Environmental Systems Audits, providing background information, and helpful tools and templates to successfully navigate and prepare for an audit.