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Commercial Contracts Checklists
This unique title is a ready desk reference for checking all aspects of a wide range of contracts, enabling the busy professional to check their own, their staff's, or their suppliers' negotiations, instructions or drafting. Also serving as a good practical introduction to contracts, as well as a troubleshooting manual, the book highlights the most ...

Computer Contracts
This law and technology publication covers buying, selling, leasing and licensing hardware, software and services, with legal analysis, sample clauses, and complete contracts to help you handle contract matters for computer users and vendors, marketing arrangements, software development, maintenance, licensing arrangements and ...

Drafting and Analyzing Contracts, 3rd Edition - A Guide to the Practical Application of the Principles of Contract Law
Drafting and Analyzing Contracts (called Drafting Contracts in its first two editions) is organized around the topics that are studied in the first year Contracts course. Part I, How the Principles of Contract Law are Exemplified in Drafting , contains 14 chapters that illuminate the substantive law. For example: Chapter 7 demonstrates the problems ...

Entertainment Industry Contracts
An authoritative form book with expert guidance on negotiating and drafting contracts in the major areas of the entertainment industry, including entertainment software. Features Each area was written by one or more experts in the field, using forms and giving commentary based on their practice of law in the area "State-of-the-Art" forms in a ...