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Products to Consider

Construction Dispute Resolution Handbook
This best practices manual will show you how to use alternative dispute resolution to handle construction disputes. The authors explain strategies for minimizing conflict before, during and after a project.

Construction Law in Canada
Construction Law in Canada is the first Canadian resource to address all relevant issues in a single, convenient volume. With this construction and labour law book on your desk, you'll be able to advise your clients knowledgeably, efficiently, and confidently.

Construction Law Letter - Newsletter
For over 20 years, the Construction Law Letter has reported on every important court decision in Canada affecting the construction industry. There are very few construction disputes, claims or legal problems that it hasn't, in one form or another, covered.

Government Procurement, 3rd Edition
This title strips away the complexities of procurement issues for public institutions and their private sector suppliers. Author Paul Emanuelli draws from the latest lawsuits, treaty developments, auditor reports and headline news stories.

Municipal Procurement, 2nd Edition
Municipalities need to know how to recognize, mitigate and if possible avoid the problems that feature frequently in media and auditor general reports. Written by two well-known experts, Municipal Procurement, 2nd Edition fills that need.