A Guide to Ontario's Ministry of Correctional Services Act, 2006 Edition

Publisher: LexisNexis Canada
Format::  Book, 2
ISBN:: 9780433443322


Butterworths Guide to Ontario's Ministry of Correctional Services Act, 2006 Edition is your one-stop source to the law and practice pertaining to the Ministry of Correctional Services Act. It's the only publication that provides all of the relevant cases that have been decided under the Act.

This is a full guide to the current legislative regime in Ontario. It includes an annotated Ministry of Correctional Services Act, and deals with issues such as:

In addition, the text provides information about the new:

Billing Method: Standing Order Terms Apply

Table of Contents

A Word About Legal Citation
Table of Cases
Table of Statutes
Chapter 1: Brief History of Ontario's Correctional Services
Chapter 2: Overview of Correctional Services
Chapter 3: Adult Institutions and Services
Chapter 4: Adult Community Corrections
Chapter 5: The Ontario Parole and Earned Release Board
Chapter 6: Correctional System for Young Persons
Chapter 7: Sentence Calculation for Adults and Young Persons
Chapter 8: Ministry of Correctional Services Act Definitions
Part I: Ministry of Correctional Services
Part II: Correctional Institutions
Part III: Ontario Parole and Earned Release Board
Part IV: Adult Probation
Part V: Young Persons
Part V.1: Contractors
Part VI: General Provisions
Chapter 9: Appendices:
Forms, Warrants, Text of U.N. Standard Minmum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners and Charter, List of Ministry Institutions and Probation Office


Kenneth W. Hogg & Brian G. Whitehead

Kenneth W. Hogg joined the Ministry of Correctional Services Legal Branch in 1991. As Senior Counsel and Chair of the Corrections Practice Group, he provides legislative, policy and legal advice. He was co-counsel for the Ministry at an inquest into the death of a young person (J.L.) in 1996 who died as a result of homicide while detained in a secure custody facility. This inquest led to significant changes in the operation of the Ministry's young offender system. In his role as Senior Counsel he continues to provide advice and support to senior management in the Correctional Services Division of the Miistry of Community Safety and Correctional Services and the Ontario Provincial Police.

Brian G. Whitehead joined the Ministry's Legal Branch in 1999 and as a member of the Corrections Practice Group, has provided legal and policy advice to front-line staff and senior managers in Adult Institutions and Community Corrections. He has acted as counsel for the Electronic Supervision Program since its inception, providing information as needed to Ministry staff, Defence counsel, Crown Attorneys and members of the Judiciary. He has appeared at trial and appellate courts in Ontario on behalf of the Ministry on various issues including Charter and habeas corpus applications dealing with electronic supervision, sentence calculation, production of third-party records and prison conditions.

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