Halsbury's Laws of Canada - Patents, Trade Secrets and Industrial Designs (2012 Reissue)

Publisher: LexisNexis Canada
Format::  Book, 2
ISBN:: 9780433471110


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In the age of information, the ability to protect a client's rights in intellectual property can be as important as the creation of that property itself. Like a right without a remedy, a proprietary asset without legal recognition may be no asset at all. So, while patent applications or industrial design issues may be best left to intellectual property specialists, a sound appreciation of the law and the issues shouldn't be.

Newly revised and thoroughly updated, Halsbury's Laws of Canada - Patents, Trade Secrets and Industrial Designs (2012 Reissue) is the ideal source for authoritative commentary on this always important subject. Authored by two of Canada's leading intellectual property experts, it clearly delineates the law governing patents of invention in Canada, as codified by the Patent Act, as well as the law pertaining to trade secrets and industrial design.

Topics covered include:

Patents of Invention

Trade Secrets

Industrial Designs

Special Features


Table of Contents

I. Patents of Invention
1. Applicable Law
2. Subject Matter
3. Patentability
4. Specification and Claims
5. Validity
6. Infringement
7. Impeachment
8. Application for Patent
9. Reissue, Disclaimer, Re-Examination and Dedication
10. Judicial Review of Commissioner's Decision
11. Ownership and License
12. Offences
13. Patented Medicines
II. Trade Secrets
1. Definitions
2. Jurisdiction
3. Obligations
4. Actions to Restrain Misuse
III. Industrial Designs
1. General
2. Registrable Designs
3. Application
4. Registration
5. Ownership and License
6. Infringement

The Honourable Mr. Justice Roger T. Hughes & Dino Clarizio

The Honourable Mr. Justice Roger T. Hughes is a Judge of the Federal Court of Canada. Justice Hughes is the author of several texts in the litigation and intellectual property field, including Federal Courts of Canada Service, 2nd Edition; Canadian Federal Courts Practice; Hughes on Copyright and Industrial Design, 2nd Edition; Hughes & Woodley on Patents, 2nd Edition; Hughes on Trade Marks, 2nd Edition; Patent Legislation & Commentary (annual publication); Trade-marks Act & Commentary (annual publication); Canadian Forms & Precedents – Intellectual Property; Canadian Forms & Precedents – Licensing; Halsbury's® Laws of Canada – Trade-marks, Passing Off and Unfair Competition; and Halsbury's® Laws of Canada – Patents, Trade Secrets and Industrial Designs, all published by LexisNexis® Canada. As counsel, Justice Hughes has appeared in all levels of court, including the Supreme Court of Canada, in a large number of cases, mainly in the intellectual property field.

Dino Clarizio. B. Eng., LL.B., is a partner in the Litigation Group of Goodmans LLP in Toronto. He is a Registered Patent Agent (Canada and the United States) and a Registered Trademarks Agent (Canada). His practice focuses on all aspects of intellectual property litigation, particularly patent litigation in the chemical/pharmaceutical areas. He has appeared in the trial and appeal levels of the Federal Court, and in the Supreme Court of Canada. He is the co-author with the Honourable Mr. Justice Roger Hughes of Hughes & Woodley on Patents, Second Edition and of Halsbury's Laws of Canada – Patents, Trade Secrets and Industrial Designs. He is an active member of the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada and a current tutor of IPIC's Patent Agent Tutorials.

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