Halsbury's Laws of Canada - Discrimination and Human Rights (2013 Reissue)

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ISBN:: 9780433475224


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The broad prohibition against discrimination in Canada means that lawyers practicing in almost any field must be alive to the wide-ranging implications of human rights law. This requires a solid awareness of sweeping federal and provincial human rights legislation - legislation that specifically addresses questions of discrimination and equality - and a practical understanding of the regulatory framework and varied enforcement mechanisms.

Halsbury's Discrimination and Human Rights (2013 Reissue) volume systematically sets out the law governing this important area, making it an invaluable touchstone for lawyers, not only in human rights law, but in virtually every area of practice. From fielding client queries on obligations in respect of hiring practices, to giving guidance on the application of the law governing in a landlord and tenant context, this volume will serve as a resource that is consulted with both frequency and confidence.

Topics covered include:

Charter issues

Bill of Rights

Human rights legislation

Forms of discrimination

Prohibited grounds


Defences and exceptions

Practice and procedure

Pay equity

Employment equity

And much more.

Special Features

Table of Contents

I. Equality Rights: The Constitutional Framework

1. Introduction
2. Application and Scope
3. Proscribed Categories of Discrimination
4. Exceptions and Limitations
5. Charter Analysis
6. Reasonable Limits

II. Canadian Bill Of Rights

1. Introduction
2. Application and Scope
3. Prohibited Grounds of Discrimination

III. Discrimination

1. Federal and Provincial Human Rights Legislation
2. Areas in which Discrimination is Prohibited
3. Prohibited Grounds of Discrimination
4. Hate Communications
5. Defences and Exceptions
6. Vicarious Liability
7. Practice and Procedure
8. Remedies

IV. Employment Equity

1. Overview
2. Employment Equity Initiatives

V. Pay Equity

1. Introduction
2. Protection at the Federal Level
3. Protection at the Provincial and Territorial Level


Soma Ray-Ellis, B.A., LL.B.

Soma Ray-Ellis, B.A., LL.B., is a Partner and Co-Chair of the Employment and Labour Law Group at Himelfarb Proszanski LLP. She is a highly regarded employment lawyer regularly sought out by the national media as a resource on Canadian employment law and human rights issues. She is widely published and speaks nationally and internationally on employment law matters. One of her noted publications is a leading text on human rights, pay equity, and employment equity. She is the author of the Halsbury's Laws of Canada – Discrimination and Human Rights title. She also co-drafted the original Human Rights Tribunal's Rules of Practice. Ms. Ray-Ellis is the recipient of numerous awards, including a Business Leadership award given to her by Women Entrepreneurs of Canada and Lawyer of the Year by the South Asian Bar Association. She is noted in both Canadian Who's Who and Who's Who of Canadian Business. Throughout her career, Ms. Ray-Ellis has been lead counsel on numerous high profile matters; most notably as lead counsel to Air India at the Air India Inquiry.

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