Halsbury's Laws of Canada - Defamation (2013 Reissue)

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ISBN:: 9780433475521


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With continued advancements in modern technology, the means by which we can choose to disseminate information - from Internet chat rooms to social networking sites to Twitter - are constantly evolving. As a result, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of ways that defamation can occur, making it essential that all lawyers have a basic understanding of this important area of law.

The Halsbury's Defamation (2013 Reissue) title provides a succinct, general overview of the black letter law relating to defamation, libel and slander that is invaluable to practitioners who do not specialize in this area. Written by one of Canada's leading practitioners in the field, this title is national in scope, providing a thorough and authoritative summary of the pertinent legislation and case law regarding the requisite elements of an action for defamation, possible defences, and available remedies. Topics covered in this essential reference include:

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Table of Contents

I. Defamation in Canadian Law
1. The Purpose of the Law of Defamation
2. Means of Enforcement
3. Defamation and Freedom of Expression
II. Elements of the Civil Cause of Action
1. The Defamatory Statement
2. Reference to the Plaintiff
3. Publication
III. Defences to the Civil Cause of Action
1. Justification
2. Absolute Privilege
3. Qualified Privilege
4. Fair Comment
5. Consent
6. Notice Requirements and Limitation Periods
IV. Remedies
1. General Damages
2. Aggravated, Punitive and Special Damages
3. Injunctions
V. Slander and Related Torts
1. Slander
2. Malicious Falsehood
3. Negligence
4. Intentional Interference With Economic Relations
5. Abuse of Process
6. Invasion of Privacy and ‘Breach of Confidence'
7. Conspiracy


Peter A. Downard

Peter A. Downard, LL.B., is a litigation partner at the Toronto office of Fasken Martineau. He has extensive experience as defamation counsel in litigation at trial, in the Court of Appeal for Ontario, and in the Supreme Court of Canada, as well as in numerous mediations and advisory matters. He is sole author of Halsbury's Laws of Canada – Defamation (2009) and the first edition of this text (2003) and the second edition of this text (2010). He represents both plaintiffs and defendants, and has appeared as counsel for prominent political and business figures, businesses and media concerns in numerous libel cases arising from newspaper, broadcast media, Internet, and commercial contexts. He also has extensive experience in a broad range of public interest matters, including public inquiries, and in commercial litigation. He regularly speaks on legal matters and is often interviewed on legal topics by various media.

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