Advertising and Marketing Law in Canada, 5th Edition

Publisher: LexisNexis Canada
Format::  Book, 2
ISBN:: 9780433478935


First published in 2004 and now in its fifth edition, Advertising and Marketing Law in Canada has become the "go-to" legal reference for advertising and marketing professionals. Each edition captures the latest changes to the law and discusses the pitfalls of recent advertising and marketing practices.

Written in plain language by an experienced and creative team of advertising lawyers, this comprehensive resource sets out the ground rules and practical issues of Canadian advertising law, and includes:

Highlights of the 5th Edition

Who Should Read This Book

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Principles of Advertising and Marketing Law
Chapter 2: False or Misleading Advertising
Chapter 3: Substantiating Advertising Claims: What You Need and When You Need It
Chapter 4: Worst Case Scenarios
Chapter 5: Price and Credit Advertising
Chapter 6: Social Media
Chapter 7: Green Marketing
Chapter 8: Contests and Promotions
Chapter 9: Advertising to Children
Chapter 10: Packaging and Labeling
Chapter 11: Drugs and Natural Health Products
Chapter 12: Cosmetics Advertising and Labeling
Chapter 13: Food Advertising and Labeling
Chapter 14: Regulation of Specific Sectors
Chapter 15: Trade-marks, Copyright and Other Forms of Intellectual Property
Chapter 16: Talent Negotiation and Union Issues
Chapter 17: Competition Law Issues
Chapter 18: Mobile Marketing
Chapter 19: Privacy Law in Canada
Chapter 20: Uniquely Quebec Issues
Chapter 21: Advertising Agency Service Agreements
Chapter 22: Canadiana Issues
Chapter 23: Advertising and Music Licensing
Chapter 24: Misappropriation of Personality, Testimonials and Implied Endorsement
Chapter 25. Do they really like it? Misleading Product and Consumer Reviews
Chapter 26. Political Advertising and Freedom of Expression

Brenda Pritchard, B.A., J.D. & Susan Vogt, B.A., J.D.

Brenda Pritchard, B.A., J.D., has over 30 years experience practising exclusively in advertising and marketing law. Brenda's practice includes: advertising copy review; coupon, premium and contest promotions; social media and privacy advice, negotiation of music, talent and artistic rights for use in production; merchandising and publishing contracts and negotiation; Advertising Standards Canada hearings and defending against misleading advertising charges. Brenda is a prolific writer and speaker on advertising law in Canada and internationally, and is co-Vice Chair of the North America Regional Forum of the IBA, past Industry Group Leader for Manufacturing, Sales and Distribution, past leader of the firm's Advertising, Marketing and Regulatory Law group for 10 years and member of the ABA, CCTFA and AdLaw International. Consistently named one of Canada's 500 leading lawyers by Lexpert, recognized by Martindale-Hubbell, Best Lawyers and first named Lawyer of The Year for Advertising Law (Toronto) in 2010 by Best Lawyers, she is the most frequently recommended advertising and marketing lawyer in Canada.

Susan Vogt, B.A., J.D., is a partner in the Gowlings' Toronto office and co-leader of Gowlings' Advertising, Marketing and Regulatory Affairs Practice Group. Susan has over 25 years of experience in advertising and marketing law, and is listed in the Best Lawyer in Canada Guide as well as the Lexpert and Martindale-Hubbell directories as a leading lawyer in this field. Susan practises exclusively in the areas of advertising and marketing law and trade-mark prosecution with an emphasis on the automotive, packaged goods and pharmaceutical sectors. Fluently bilingual, Susan practises in both English and French. Her practice focuses on packaging, print and broadcast ads (in English and French), social media and privacy issues, contests and promotions, food and drug regulatory issues, comparative advertising disputes, sponsorship agreements, trade-mark and copyright licences, and trade disputes before Advertising Standards Canada. A frequent speaker at advertising industry conferences, Susan has written dozens of columns on marketing law as a regular contributor to Strategy magazine.

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