Halsbury's Laws of Canada - Food (2014 Reissue) / Gifts (2014 Reissue)

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Food (2014 Reissue)
Dr. Donald Buckingham, LL.B., Dip. Int. Law, LL.D.

The law which regulates food is drawn together from several "black letter" areas of private law (including the law of contracts, torts, and property) and public law (including criminal law, regulatory law, administrative law and constitutional law). Food safety and food quality concerns now link the farmer and the chef. Producers, consumers and their advisers need to understand the private law that assigns liability when things go wrong. They also need to understand the public law that encourages the industry to produce safe food by sustainable agricultural methods and sell them in fair and open national and international marketplaces. Halsbury's Food Law title examines the law relating to the preparation, sale and marketing of edible substances in Canada. Topics covered include:

Table of Contents

Food (2014 Reissue)

I. Regulating Food Safety
1. Overview
2. Constitutional Considerations
3. Federal Food Safety Rules
4. Provincial Food Safety Rules
II. Regulating Food Labelling
1. Constitutional Considerations
2. Federal Rules for Food Labelling
3. Federal Labelling Policy Development, Implementation and Enforcement
4. Provincial Rules Affecting the Labelling of Foods
5. Provincial Policy Development, Implementation and Enforcement
III. Regulating Food Quality
1. Constitutional Considerations
2. Marks Relating to Quality Owned by the Crown
3. Other Food Quality Indicators Regulated by the Federal Government
4. Federal Requirements for Naming and Marking Alcoholic Beverages
5. Food Quality and Provincial Names and Standards
6. Food Quality – Provincial Policy Development, Implementation and Enforcement
IV. Private Law Liability for Food Producers, Processors, Marketers and Restaurateurs
1. Constitutional Considerations
2. Tort Liability
3. Contract Law
4. Trade Marks, Official Marks, and Geographical Indications

Gifts (2014 Reissue)

I. Introduction
1. Gifts Inter Vivos
2. Donationes Mortis Causa
II. Intention
1. Proof of Gift
2. Conditional Gifts
3. Presumption of Resulting Trust
4. Presumption of Advancement
5. Rebuttal of Presumptions
III. Delivery
1. General
2. Choses in Possession
3. Choses in Action
IV. Acceptance
1. Necessity of Acceptance
2. Acceptance Presumed
3. Repudiation of Gift
V. Failure of Gifts
1. Undue Influence
2. Mental Capacity
3. Improvident Transactions
4. Incomplete Gifts
5. Revocation of Gifts
6. Standing to Challenge Gifts


Dr. Donald Buckingham, LL.B., Dip. Int. Law, LL.D. & Catherine Morin, B.Mus. (Hons.), LL.B.


Dr. Donald Buckingham, LL.B., Dip. Int. Law, LL.D., has been a private Lawyer, government Lawyer, law Professor and Consultant in the areas of agricultural law, food law and international trade in agricultural products for the past two decades. He is currently Chairperson of the Canada Agricultural Review Tribunal in Ottawa. Dr. Buckingham has taught at several law schools across Canada, in Europe and in Africa. His areas of professional interest are wide and varied and include regulation of food and agriculture trade in international markets, food law, environmental law, agricultural law, product labelling, sustainable development and torts.


Catherine Morin, B.Mus. (Hons.), LL.B, is a Legal Researcher and Writer for LexisNexis Canada Inc., where she serves as Law and Content Editor for Halsbury's Laws of Canada. A former practitioner, Catherine Morin has been responsible for re-structuring and overseeing the production of various digest products, including NetLetters&™ and the Canadian Weekly Law Sheet, where her duties included editing and writing case law summaries spanning a broad range of legal topics. She is also Author of the Halsbury's Holidays and Hospitality titles.

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